Cybersecurity Co. Endgame Systems Raises $29M

Atlanta-based cybersecurity start-up Endgame Systems has raised $29 million in a Series A round from Bessemer Ventures; Alexandria, Va.-based Columbia Capital; Menlo Park, Calif.-based Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; and Atlanta-based TechOperators. The company will use the money in part to launch its cloud-based malware and botnet detection service. As part of the funding, Bessemer’s David Cowan and Columbia Capital’s Arun Gupta join Endgame’s board.


Endgame Systems, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, today announced the launch of ipTrust, the industry’s first cloud-based botnet and malware detection service. Harnessing Web-scale technology, ipTrust distills hundreds of terabytes of security events into usable intelligence and information, helping companies quickly assess the security of their systems without depending on access to internal network traffic, or requiring any hardware or software installation.

The company today also announced $29 million in Series A funding from Bessemer Ventures, Columbia Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), and TechOperators, to fund both organic and inorganic growth. With this, David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners and Arun Gupta of Columbia Capital join the board.

“Tracking botnets across the Internet is an ambitious undertaking,” said David Cowan, a partner of Bessemer and the co-founder of VeriSign. “Based on their experience leading ISS X-Force, the preeminent security research group in the industry for many years, this is probably the one team in the world that can pull it off.”

“The botnet problem is well known and increasing exponentially every day, yet to date no elegant solution has been designed to combat it,” said Arun Gupta, partner at Columbia Capital. “The ipTrust approach, correlating data from around the world and taking a look ‘from the outside in,’ is a revolutionary and much-needed addition to any company’s security arsenal.”

Over 280,000 organizations and more than 250 million IP addresses have been infected with botnets, worms, viruses and other malware threats. The most dangerous of these infections are designed to harvest a network for malicious use, or to access private data. While attacks are becoming smarter every day, so are tools that organizations can use to protect themselves.

ipTrust leverages emerging new technologies, including cloud computing and the ability to query massive data sets, to develop a world-class, petabyte-scale data processing Reputation Engine that distills hundreds of terabytes of security data into usable intelligence and information. ipTrust harvests, analyzes and classifies malware and botnet samples each day on over five million systems from around the world, to deliver the industry’s most accurate IP address reputation scoring. ipTrust customers leverage this information to quickly gain visibility into the security of their networks, as well as those of their trusted partners and customers.

ipTrust offers two solutions for organizations fighting the botnet challenge:

ipTrust Web: ipTrust Web is a cloud-based infection notification service, providing 24/7 monitoring and notification of malicious activity originating from a company’s network. ipTrust Web requires no hardware or software installation on a customer’s network, or any network reconfiguration. Its easy-to-read reports provide an efficient view into the threats emanating from a network, and the IP addresses likely hosting those threats. A free beta is now available at

ipTrust Professional: ipTrust Professional determines the overall trustworthiness of any given IP address — be it internal, or that of a trusted partner or client. Customers can process unlimited queries against the ipTrust Reputation Engine, to verify the integrity of their networks, as well as those of partners and clients. ipTrust Professional provides companies with real-time intelligence on potentially infected systems, via a simple, web-based API that can quickly integrate with a company’s anti-fraud systems and security processes. Customers receive continuous, actionable information to create highly granular controls and conduct more efficient incident response, helping mitigate fraud and improve overall security posture.

About ipTrust

ipTrust delivers security intelligence as a service, offering the industry’s first cloud-based botnet and malware detection solution. Founded by information security veterans from Internet Security Systems (ISS), ipTrust provides solutions that enable companies to limit the harm done by botnets and other hostile malware, accelerate response times after threats are detected, and make smarter security decisions. ipTrust’s Reputation Engine continuously monitors and correlates terabytes of Internet-wide security and threat data to provide highly predictive scoring of infected devices and networks. ipTrust’s solutions give customers assurance that their networks, and those of their trusted business partners and customers, are malware and infection free. ipTrust is a division of Endgame Systems, and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

About Endgame Systems

Endgame Systems provides cybersecurity solutions to the defense, civilian and national security community. The company’s services and solutions support the collection, analysis, and use of attack and security event data in cyberspace, and help organizations protect their sensitive and critical information. Endgame’s highly skilled workforce provides a full range of engineering services and solutions that raise awareness of emerging threats, and help prevent and respond to those threats globally. Endgame Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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