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Married People Stay Away: Facebook causes one in five divorces in the U.S.

Gotcha: British police know where Wikileaks’ Assange is but haven’t acted on the international warrant for his arrest.

Hiring Tips: How to write the perfect investment banking resume. And, an MBA student fires off an embarrassing Power Point presentation and gets the job.

Private Equity Relief: It looks like tax rates at all income levels will be extended temporarily.

Is this Fair: Why buyout partners can earn more than venture capitalists.

Customer Revenge: Google, horrified by NYT’s story about DecorMyEyes, changes its ranking system.

A Winner: Citi finally beats Goldman (and Morgan Stanley) at something. Well, it’s the number of times they tapped the Fed Reserves credit lines.

This morning: European stock rise as investors wait to see if the European Central Bank’s will expand its bond buying program.

Lawsuit: A Madoff trustee sues a hedge fund controlled by Thomas H. Lee.

Xmas Stress: How to pick a present for your boss.

Sports Deal: Rogers Communication is in talks to buy Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment,  giving it the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, the Toronto Raptor basketball team plus a major hold in Canadian sports broadcasting.

Because it’s fun: The Cookie Monster–yes, it’s true–wants to host SNL. Here’s his audition reel.

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