peHUB Second Opinion

iPhone News: Confirmed! Personal hotspot feature is coming to all iPhones in iOS 4.3.

Who Needs $50 Bln: Insiders say Facebook’s goal is to be the first TRILLION dollar company.

IB Cuts: Barclays Capital plans to layoff 2.4%, or about 600, of its global staff, according to FINS.

Forgotten: News Corp. is considering a possible sale or spinoff of Myspace.

Gotham Good For VC: Jim Breyer, an Accel partner, says New York’s tech scene is picking up.

After Jay: Conan O’Brien says that everything has worked out great for him.

Raising Money: Morgan Stanley Investment Management raises $956 million with its first dedicated corporate mezz fund.

It Must’ve Been Cold: Yes, indeed, there were strippers in front of the Nasdaq shoveling snow Wednesday (indecent photo warning).