The House That Sean Parker’s Facebook Money Just Bought

Sean Parker of Facebook and Napster (and “The Social Network”) fame has struck his newest deal, for a roughly 200-year-old, 10,000-square-foot, six-bedroom town house on West 10th Street in New York. The price tag: $20 million.

The house has long belonged to Enrico Cinzano, an heir of the Cinzano family, which has been making sweet vermouth since the mid 1700s (though the family completely exited the biz around 20 years ago).

The Greenwich Village property, like Parker himself, is far from low key. In addition to being featured in the New York Times several years ago — in a piece that reported on the rare privilege of having a garage in the city (at the time, Cinzano’s broker said the garage added at least $1 million to the property) — the place is known as a party palace. (It’s literally been dubbed “Bacchus House.”)

And Parker is no stranger to the property – or its reputation. In fact, he’s help cement it in recent years by previously renting it for $45,000 per month and reportedly using it to host “wild, celeb-studded soirees,” including a 30th birthday party attended by Val Kilmer and Oliver Stone that evidently raised $60,000 for malaria eradication.

The site Curbed reports that the property has been on and off the market, but according to Zillow, Parker is paying a fair price for what he’s getting, which includes 8,500 feet of interior space, 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, an elevator, a spa that includes a lap pool and gym, and numerous, expansive, stone-paved terraces.

It’s the ideal bachelor pad, in short. Not that Parker’s motives are impure. On the contrary, says Tribune columnist Julia Allison, who last year talked with Gawker about the property, after being a guest of Parker on numerous occasions. Said Allison of Parker, who reportedly owns up to 4 percent of Facebook:

Sean Parker is a consummate host in the old school model of Hollywood. You walk into the house — it’s ridiculous — and you feel like you’ve walked into another era. There’s Sean in his three piece suit: ‘Do you want a Scotch? Do you want a Brandy?’ It is not the home of a 25 year old; it’s covered in priceless art. Sean is very young but he has the taste of a curator.

There are no kegerators in this house. I’ve never seen Sean do drugs. Sean is not pretentious and it’s important to emphasize that—I have dated and known people who would have a house like this to get laid.

Sean is faithful; he has a beautiful model girlfriend, and he wants to share his life with people, to have salons, to have the best and the brightest in his home. His parties aren’t parties, they’re gatherings.

It’s classy.

For many more photos of the property (which I’d assume the highly fashion-forward Parker will massively renovate), click here.