peHUB Second Opinion

Possible Lawsuit: LinkedIn, which is going public, wants to sue DrinkedIn.

Leaked: AOL’s crazy master plan to turn itself into a 21st century media giant (5 to 10 stories a day? What!). And, one blogger says working for AOL’s content farm changed his life.

Becoming a Billionaire: Ain’t that hard, according to FINS. Here’s how.

Going Crazy: Investors pile into an Egypt ETF fund from Van Eck.

Asians Like iPhones: Nielsens doesn’t just track TV watching stats but they also track mobile phone usage. Guess which group loves Blackberries?

Finally: Mubarak says he will step down as Egypt’s president in a few months once a successor has been elected.

Broad Market Recovery: The Dow closes above 12,000 for first time since June 2008.

M&A: buys Manymoon for $25 mln to $30 mln.

Major Error: Flickr accidentally deletes a users 4,000 photos and can’t get them back.

Leaving: Aetna says it won’t sell new insurance policies to individuals in Colorado.

Chapter 11: Borders Group may seek bankruptcy protection next week.

Buying the Beatles: Citigroup takes control of EMI Group.

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