peHUB First Read

Quake Update: Japan is using helicopters to dump water on the damaged nuclear plant. And, concern in China over spread of radiation

IPO: Now Groupon is talking to bankers about an IPO that would value the company at $25 billion.

Possible Deal: Pfizer investors want to spin off nutrition business in a $6.8 bln deal.

Beyond Trash Talk: Can Time Warner afford not to buy Netflix?

For Fun: The SEC is suing the founders of a hedge fund called, Mother Earth Asset Management.

When to Sell: Yuri Milner says that when a company’s founders start offloading shares, you should do the same.

Media Moves: Lazard is taking over the Foursquare conference from Quadrangle (who’s still participating).

In a Crowd: Is this the girl that hacked HBGary?