peHUB Second Opinion

Spring Cleaning: AOL, now that it’s closed its HuffPo acquisition, is expected to begin closing down many of its content sites.

Startup Advice: Reid Hoffman’s 10 rules for entrepreneurial success.

Deal Angst: Sprint CEO blasts AT&T’s pending buy of T-Mobile and plans to appeal to Congress to stop the merger. Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless CEO says he’s not interested in a deal with Sprint.

Who Knew? Castro says he resigned as communist party chief five years ago. And Venezuela President Chavez says capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on Mars.

Opening: Amazon, which is getting sued by Apple, launched their Android App store today.

U.S. Senators ask Apple to pull app that alerts users to police at DUI checkpoints.

Quake Aftermath: Airlines are seeing a big drop in travel demand.

Alphaville: Why Yemen matters.

Lawsuit: Court rejects Google’s book settlement with authors.

The Truth Comes Out: 14% of women hide some of their shoe purchases.