peHUB Second Opinion

The Walking Dead: Zombie bankers don’t take the hint when they get a “zero” bonus.

Not Too Sick: Walt Disney investors re-elect Steve Jobs to their board despite his health issues.

Apple: Bertrand Serlet, Apple’s senior vice president of Mac software engineering, is leaving the company

Know Your Goldman CEO: Lloyd Blankfein would rather you call than email, sometimes reads the WSJ, and checks his bank’s profits everyday.

To IPO or Not: Felix Salmon worries about companies staying private.

Looking for Money: Foursquare prepares to launch next funding round.

Tussle: Iron Mountain adopts poison pill to prevent any shareholder takeover.

In Her Shoes: Martin Gruenberg, the FDIC’s #2 guy, has emerged as a top contender to succeed Sheila Bair as chairman.

Quake Aftermath: Father, who escaped Tsunami on his bike, searches for his family.

Who’s Upset? Joseph Nacchio, former CEO of Qwest, is suing his defense lawyers for “grossly overcharging” him.

Planning Ahead: Is $250,000 in savings enough for retirement?

Because It’s Fun: Here’s blogger Nick Pitera singing a medley of Disney songs in a variety of voices that include the heroine, the sidekick and the villain.

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