peHUB Second Opinion

Seriously? RadioShack will reportedly begin carrying the iPad 2 at 500 locations tomorrow.

Out on the Town: The deadly cobra missing from the Bronx Zoo has a twitter account.

Newspapers: The top 10 dying industries. Guess what’s included?

Deal: Cheezburger Networks has bought “Know Your Meme” for low seven figures.

A Return: Can Jack Dorsey Help Twitter find its way?

Radiation Fears: Plutonium found in soil at Japanese nuclear plant. And, Goldman employees in Tokyo told they can’t leave.

Tilting at Windmills: Sprint formally Denounces AT&T’s Deal for T-Mobile.

Justice Delayed: Hevesi goes into the hospital. Next court date scheduled for April 4.

Snow Notes: Listen to Erin Griffith talks about the Washington State Investment Board performance and Leonard Green closing its buy of Jo-Ann Stores.

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