peHUB Second Opinion

Unbelievable: A 300 lbs Eagle Ray slams a woman on a boat and she isn’t hurt.

In the Cloud: Amazon gets into trouble for launching service that lets customers stores songs and play t hemon phones and computer.

Tablet Mania: Analyst warns of global iPademic.

Not an IPO: Zynga made its Wall Street debut Tuesday to celebrate launch of Farmville English Countryside.

Seriously? Meg Whitman is reportedly joining Kleiner Perkins.

Up for Sale: Big Lots is holding management presentations and getting interest from PE firms.

Quake Aftermath: Apple’s production of iPads and iPhones may be impaired, an analyst says.

Fined: Toys “R” Us must pay $1.3 million to the FTC to settle claims it allegedly pressured suppliers to limit the distribution of products to discount retailers.

Searching: Private equity hunts for the next Lululemon.

Getting Scrutiny: NYAG plans to weigh in on AT&T’s buy of T-Mobile.

Negotiations: Mad Men will return in 2012 but unclear about the status of Matthew Weiner.