Poll Results: 60% Are Very Hungry For the iPad 2

Steve Jobs should be happy.

The results of weekly online poll finds that nearly 60% of you plan to buy the iPad 2. Another 42.1% won’t be shelling out the money (they start at $499) for the tablet, our results show. About 300 people took part in our poll.

So what does this mean?

Tablets are very, very popular and, according to a Gartner report yesterday, are crimping the growth of the PC. Personally, I really, really want an iPad 2, but it still seems really, really expensive. Kindle anyone?

This particular poll did give us some insight as to who is answering our weekly questions. More than 25% identified themselves as some sort of service provider, like an attorney or banker. Roughly 1/5, or 21.1%, said they were PE execs, while about 13% said they were venture capitalists. And another 13% said they were were entrepreneurs.

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