peHUB Second Opinion

Tablets: Intel is launching a new set of chips as it tries to break ARM’s domination of the tablet market.

Contrarian: Peter Thiel says the next bubble isn’t the Internet but in higher education.

Early 2012: Walter Isaacson snags the gig to write Steve Jobs authorized biography.

Saying the Obvious: Soros says moral hazards looms more than ever in the financial system despite Dodd Frank bill.

Rich and Tasty: Crumbs, the $66 million cupcake empire.

Henry Blodget: A Twitter investor says Twitter’s valuation is “ridiculous.”

Imaginary Law firm: Someone created a nifty web site for Cromwell & Goodwin but they don’t exist.

No Baidu Just Yet: Reuters says that Facebook doesn’t have a business deal with any companies in China.