peHUB Second Opinion

A Good Sign? The 30-year fixed mortgage rate falls to 4.8%.

Problems in the Cloud: Amazon’s cloud crashed overnight and takes down several companies with it.

Not Going Far: Groupons hires Margo Georgiadis, Google’s VP of global sales planning and tech, to be its new COO.

Rejected, Again: NYSE spurns a sweetened bid from ICE and Nasdaq OMX.

Lawsuit: Jury rules that MGA didn’t steal the idea for the Bratz dolls from rival Mattel and wins $88.4 million award.

More Money: Borders, the bankrupt bookseller, is looking for another $50 mln in additional financing.

But Why? UBS escorts four of its employees out of the Stamford office but no one knows what they did.

What to Buy: Apple has a “warchest” of $65.8 bln to spend. So what will it buy? Netflix? And, Apple still has yet to comment on report that the company stores data on users’ locations.

Royal Wedding: How Kate Middleton will destroy your workplace on April 29.

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