Poll Results: Majority Believe White iPhone 4 Will Be Released But Most Would Still Buy iPhone 5–UPDATED

Our weekly poll results were delayed because of the holidays.

Last week, we asked very weighty, life-changing questions: Do you think the white iPhone 4 will ever see the light of day? And, if you had to choose, would you buy the white version 4.0 over Apple’s next installment?

The results were surprising. Especially since there have been so many rumors about the white iPhone 4. Apple introduced the iPhone 4 last summer and the white version was supposed to go up for sale last July. But manufacturing problems caused Apple to put these plans on hold.  We’ve been waiting for the white version ever since.

So we asked you whether the white iPhone 4 will ever be released. Surprisingly, more than two-thirds, or 67.5%, believe it will be. Another 32.5% don’t think the white version will ever come out. UPDATE: Some European web sites are reporting today that the long-rumored white iPhone 4 will be released…(drumroll, please) on Wednesday, April 27. But we’ll wait until the device actually materializes before lining up to buy.

Now we hear that Apple is going to unleash the next installment, 5.0, of the iPhone later this year. Production is supposed to start this summer and the company is seen shipping 5.0 in September. I think it’s unlikely that Apple will finally introduce the white iPhone 4 around the same time as it unveils the next installment. But weirder things could happen.

So we asked you to choose from the two phones. Basically if both versions were available–the white iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 (any color)–which would you buy? Here, there were no surprises. Nearly all voters, or roughly 92%, said they would pick the next installment of the iPhone or version 5.0. Less than 10% said they would opt for the white iPhone 4.

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