Poll Results: Winklevoss Twins Aren’t Done with Zuckerberg, Ceglia Emails Credible

Apparently, we haven’t heard the last from the Winklevoss twins.

Yesterday, we asked you if the infamous twins would continue to pursue their case against Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this week ruled that the Winklevoss twins can’t undo their $65 million settlement with Facebook. The twins have claimed the settlement was unfair because Facebook hid information about the company’s true value (Faceook is currently valued at more than $50 billion on second market exchanges).

More than two-thirds, or 66.3%, said that the twins will continue to pursue their case. Roughly 34%, think the Winklevoss are done with the lawsuit. So what does this mean? The twins aren’t finished yet. In fact, they’re expected to file for a Rehearing En Banc, which would involve all of the judges on the Ninth Circuit hearing the case (I’m told this is almost impossible to win). The twins could also take their case to the Supreme Court. While this may seem farfetched, the Winklevoss seem very dedicated to their case.

Many of you also think there is some merit to the emails made public by Paul Ceglia. The self-described environmentalist, who has been arrested for fraud, sued Zuckerberg last year but claims were widely written off (did I mention fraud? Ceglia alleges he paid Zuckerberg $2,000 and this entitles him at least half of Facebook).

Ceglia unveiled some emails this week that actually seem credible. He has also retained a brand name law firm, DLA Piper. A surprising majority of readers, 68.9%, think the emails from Ceglia are real, which could have major implications for Facebook. Another 31.1% think the messages are fake.

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