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Not Giving Up: Nasdaq, ICE go hostile for NYSE Euronext.

Voldemort: The eerie links between Harry Potter and Osama Bin Laden. And, how one IT consultant tweeted the Osama Bin Laden raid

As Easy as the TV Guide Crossword: Here’s the 56 best/worst analogies from  high school students.

Male Angst: Dan Mulhern writes a letter to his son on how to be a real man.

Athlete’s Foot? Raj Rajaratnam has emergency foot surgery and doesn’t show up in court.

About Time: Apple to fix location tracking bug in its iPhone and iOS devices in next few weeks.

One More Time: Sony again suffers another major security breach. And, Sony has temporarily shut down its online game unit.

Brendan Baker: How to hustle with AngelList in 10 steps.

Deal: Another report says that Twitter is buying TweetDeck for about $40 to $50 mln.

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