peHUB Second Opinion

FB Butcher: Mark Zuckerberg’s new hobby is to eat only what he kills.

Free $10: Google unveiled its Google Wallet and is giving users $10 free to use. But there’s a catch.

In Pajamas: How to increase your productivity while working from home.

Not so Fast: MSFT’s board stood by Steve Ballmer after David Einhorn called for the CEO to be ousted.

Would You Work for DSK? 46% of people would, according to FINS.

A Rebound: Delphi, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2005, is going public with a $100 mln IPO.

Fundraising: Apax Partners is looking to raise 9 billion euros ($13 billion) for its latest fund.

Schwarzman, Kravis, Peltz: Guess who may become the next PE honcho? None other than Flava Flav.

Soft Tacos: The eating habits of conservatives vs. liberals (conservatives prefer grape jelly).

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