Slideshow: Cloud, Social Media, Health Services Top List Of Hottest Global Venture Investment Areas

Venture capitalists continue to face challenges turning portfolio investments into attractive exits.

But many have no difficulty identifying new opportunities to put money to work, according to a global survey of investment intentions release this week.

The study – the annual Global Venture Capital Survey conducted in the spring by the National Venture Capital Association and Deloitte – found that general partners around the world believe that IPO markets in their home countries remain too soft to support a healthy investment environment (as peHUB reported on Wednesday).

It also uncovered the hottest investment areas on the planet, which we list in slide form below. The work surveyed 347 venture capitalists in nine major industrial countries, including the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, China, Brazil and India.

The headline is this: tremendous interest exists over the next five years for investing in social media, cloud computing, healthcare services, and cleantech. But also note, investment intentions in general seem bunched in a somewhat narrow group of interest areas, the danger being that many companies funded could bump up against one another.

For instance, about 69% of GPs anticipate a surge of investing in cloud computing, while 65% plan to put more money to work in social media. Cleantech will see an increase from 62% of firms.

What follows is a country-by-country look at the investment interests from lowest to highest. Take a peek, for instance, at the biopharmaceutical intentions in China and Brazil, or at the cleantech interest in Brazil. Ninty percent of VCs in India want to push harder with consumer businesses and healthcare services. One note of caution, if you want to sound original, don’t show this slideshow at your annual LP meetings.


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