Dubset.com Adds $500K in VC

Governing Dynamics Venture Capital and individual angel investors have put $500,000 into Dubset.com, a start-up that allows users to stream exclusive DJ music mixes. Dubset is based in New York.

DUBSET.COM, the country’s fastest growing way to legally stream exclusive DJ music mixes has completed another round of funding that included a team of angel investors along with Governing Dynamics Venture Capital.

“Unlike Pandora, Spotify, and Last.fm who focus on streaming single track music, Dubset provides consumers with hundreds of channels of new music curated by the world’s top DJs,” shared founder and CEO Dave Stein. “The DJs selected for Dubset are top tier tastemakers. They are recognized for identifying new artists and songs well before they hit mainstream radio and the masses. Our platform gives us exclusive access to this content while giving DJs one-to-one distribution to the music fan.”

In addition to signing over two hundred of the world’s top DJs the New York City based company has added well known SRC Records founder and Universal Music Group executive Steve Rifkind to its Board of Advisors. “Their ability (for the first time) to identify the individual tracks and rights holders within mixes puts Dubset in full alignment with the music industry and places the company right in the middle of one of the fastest growing music segments, DJ mixes,” noted Steve. “Streaming the most popular and exclusive DJ mixes to consumers on all of their devices while protecting the music industry is a massive opportunity and win-win for everyone involved.”

About DUBSET Media Holdings, Inc.
DUBSET (www.DUBSET.COM) is a leading provider of DJ curated Internet radio. DUBSET’s hundreds of channels of exclusive music content are powered by its proprietary MixSCAN™ technology providing a fully compliant way to identify individual tracks, locations, and metadata required to analyze, report, and pay downstream agencies and rights holders. The country’s premier DJs now use DUBSET to connect to their fans and stream their music to consumers globally.

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