peHUB Second Opinion 07.21

Good In Hindsight: Google tried to buy Color for $200 mln. Color said No. Google is thankful.

Out of Work: Atlantis ended its 30 year mission today. Now, about 9,000 NASA workers will be unemployed.

Deals: President Obama and Speaker John Boehner are reportedly near a major budget deal. Meanwhile, the NFL is expected to vote on whether to accept a labor deal on Thursday.

Slow Death: The Quiznos death watch begins.

Earnings: MSFT Q4 profit jumps 30%.

On the Block: Metlife has put its banking operations up for sale.

Apple: In just one day, downloads of Mac OS X LION have topped 1 mln.

Getting More Social: Google has bought Fridge, which lets users share with groups.

Beautiful Ripoff: A fake Apple store in China is so well done it even fooled the staff that work there.

Fight the Power: Anonymous and LulzSec lash out at the FBI and tells them, “We’re not going anywhere.”

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