peHUB Second Opinion 07.27

Getting Started: The complete entrepreneurs guide to Google+.

Hone Your Analytical Abilities: How to get more women into venture capital.

Match Made in Hell: The seven worst tech mergers ever, according to CIO.

Deal: Blackstone is in talks to buy Emdeon for more than $3 bln.

Arrested: U.K. police have arrested an 18-year-old guy who they think is a Lulz Security hacker. And, Anonymous and Lulz Security are still upset with Paypal.

So where’s the IPO: The SEC’s review of Groupon’s accounting is prolonging the company’s pre-IPO review.

This year’s Webvan? The moment of truth for Airbnb after user’s home is trashed.

Next to the Elmo Dolls: Toys R Us will carry the Kindle as of July 31.

Avoiding Bad Bosses: Would you work at a dream job if all your friend warned you against it?

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