peHUB Second Opinion

Finally: Apple to launch a prepaid/lower cost iPhone this year (no more than $350 without contract)

Earnings: Schwab profit grows by 16% and Greenhill Q2 income exceeds expectations.

Hard Line: President Obama says he will veto rival GOP debt plan.

Reductions: Cisco plans to cut its workforce by 11,500 employees.

Bootstrapping: How to raise investment capital.

Retaliation: Web hacktivist clan Anonymous gets ousted from Google+ so its launching its own social network AnonPlus.

After the Scandal: Could News Corp. end up in play?

No Offers: Borders couldn’t find a buyer and will now liquidate.  About 11,000 people could be out of work.

Cut: LinkedIn shares tumble after JP Morgan, one of the banks on its IPO, downgrades the company.

Back-to-School: Amazon will let students rent textbooks on their Kindles.