TALK BACK: Will Google+ Displace Facebook?

Facebook and Google+ are in the midst of the great social race. They’re gobbling up small startups that will enhance their offerings (such as facial- and voice-recognition software) as the latest Google offering looks to take its one-time target out for good.

Heck, Facebook was obviously so threatened by Google+ that it went out and tried to surreptitiously smear its newest, biggest competitor since Myspace with a plan that backfired with embarrassing results. Judging by the ovation Google+ was met with, Facebook’s concerns were reasonable.

Now, we’ll watch over the next 24 months as each of these Internet titans slug it out for the title of most dominant social network. The brewing brouhaha also leaves plenty of questions, and that’s where you come in, dear readers: Who will win? And, is the title of “top social network” a permanent role, or one that is bound to shift every few years to the “next big thing?” Also, what is the impact that will be felt by businesses dependent on Facebook’s and Google’s reach for their advertising and subscription revenue — who will be winners and losers?

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