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Not Nearly Enough! McGraw-Hill investors call for a breakup

The iPhone is Coming! The iPhone is coming! Newer, cheaper!

Fallin’ Short: CalSTRS is having trouble funding its pension

Who’s to blame for our downgrade?

Big Ol’ Loud Crazy Irene: Hurricane season is back—plank up those windows

To the Yún! Microsoft partners with China on cloud computing

Back at It: SecondMarket’s campaign continues, as they court startups to coordinate employee participation on the secondary market (which, for the record, is probably a good idea)

Come Out Swingin’: Nine companies that crushed bigger competition

Revolving Door: Not too long after our downgrade, S&P sends its president packing

Wanna Explain… Why NYC’s Mayor wants cameras on every street corner

… But How Come his justice system can’t even get DSK to take the stand?

In Conclusion: Bart Schachter, founder and managing partner at Blueprint Ventures and M&A strategist with National Semiconductor, celebrates a birthday today.

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