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Looking Out for No. 1: Ten ways to lose your job.

Frivolous Lawsuit: Eliot Spitzer sued for $60 million in libel suit over a column he wrote for Slate.

Against the Grain: John Locke (not the “Lost” character), the author who publishes e-books, has a traditional publishing deal to come out with physical books.

Macs are Back: Cerberus and Chatham Lodging kill their $1.1 bln deal to buy 64 Innskeeper hotels.

Guilty? Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s CEO, is apparently taking the DOJ inquiry seriously and has hired a high power lawyer, Reid Weingarten.

Deadlines: Fifteen ways to stop procrastinating.

The Unthinkable May Be Happening: Is Oracle considering buying HP?

Phone Matters: HTC plans to unveil several Windows phone Mango devices at their Sept. 1 event.

C Corp It: What corporate structure works best for startups considering VC funding?

Felix Salmon: What happened to the billions of dollars dropped onto a country like Haiti?

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