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Not a Bad Day: Apple wraps Monday at all-time high

Everyone Else… Stock futures signal a mixed open for Tuesday

In the Crosshairs: Samsung targets the new iPhone for litigation

Blunt Smoking Qwikster: Wants some serious coin for his Twitter handle, yo

When Good Tech ideas go bad

Speaking of Which: News Corp. to pay up in spy case

Overseas Dealing: In the social media game

Audio MBA Mondays with Fred Wilson? Audio MBA Mondays with Fred Wilson.

San Diego biz tech news, courtesy of X-to-the-C

Emmy Ratings Down (Maybe Hollywood should be less aggressive mixing its award shows and its politics…)

Take a Bow: First-ballot HOF-er Rivera blows through one more bat en route to saves title (others in MLB await other shoe to drop…)

How Google+ Can outwit Facebook

In Conclusion: Clear out some time on the calendar. It’s a Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition.

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  • An interesting new JV deal which has underlying implications for both the auto industry and the chemical industry was recently conducted between BASF-Daimler. The chemical industry appears to be highly coveted by those industries that directly profit from employing specialty materials.
    One firm that has made waves in the Philadelphia region in acquisition and privatization of the PE industry is the middle-market firm Ennovance Capital.

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