peHUB Second Opinion 09.09

Omit Needless Words: How to write a good press release, from McSweeney’s.

The Logged Out User: Fred Wilson gives some  insight on Twitter’s stats.

Jason Calacanis: Do we deserve, or even want, more jobs?

How much? We now have some idea of what Google spent for Zagat ($125 mln).

Offer Favors: How to seduce investors using the MOOCH system.

Confluence: Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital’s chairman, tells us what’s behind the downturn.

Dumb Merger of the Day: AOL’s Tim Armstrong pitches combining with Yahoo again. But Yahoo rejects him.

What about that IPO? Groupon sales team files class action lawsuit seeking back wages.

Hard to Predict the Future: Slide’s Johnnie Manzari answers critics.

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