peHUB Second Opinion 09.29

Happy Anniversary: It’s been a year since AOL bought TechCrunch. Mike Arrington shows off his new blog, uncrunched.

Tech Fight: Oracle and Autonomy get into a spat and Frank Quattrone doesn’t look too good.

Always Free: Don’t believe the rumors. Facebook will never charge users.

Timeline Significance: Recording the experience is now more important than the experience itself, says Joe Moon.

Love Dragons: SF Signals gives us a flowchart to help navigates NPR’s list of top 100 scifi and fantasy books.

Not Done Yet: FBI is investigating Solyndra for accounting fraud.

Happy Coffee Day: Krispey Kreme is giving away coffee all day. Go now!

Unbelievable: BofA plans to charge its debit card users a $5 a monthly fee.

Bad Taste: Washington police are investigating an Onion joke about Congressman taking kids hostage.

Scantily Clad: Women are more bothered by inappropriate office attire than men.

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