peHUB Second Opinion 10.03

Mark Suster: Why aren’t there more female entrepreneurs?

And the Verdict Is: Amanda Knox is acquitted and here’s her reaction on Tumblr. And, the Daily Mail jumps the gun and really messes up the verdict.

Apple Martinis: Sean Parker is tweeting (apologizes to Zuckerberg) and tips a waitress $5000 on a $6000 bill.

At Last: Apple’s iPhone event is tomorrow but it won’t be webcast. And Sprint gambles and agrees to buy $20 billion in iPhones regardless of whether it can find customers for them.

Not So Secret Anymore: Koch Brothers flouted U.S. laws when they sold millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran.

Felix Salmon: Is Twitter dominated by 0.05% of users?

Closed: HP completes its $10 billion buy of Autonomy.

Not Me: BofA’s online banking site continues to have problems but the bank denies its been hacked.

Missteps: Groupon’s stumbles may cause pending IPO to get cut.

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