peHUB Second Opinion 10.21

California, Nevada: The 14 most unemployed states in the U.S.

More From The Bio: Steve Jobs kinda sorta hated Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, because of the Android. And, Jobs told Obama he was headed to be a “one-term” president.

Next Up to Be Cut: S&P says it will likely downgrade France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal if the euro zone goes into a recession.

Clarity: Mobile phones don’t cause cancer, according to a  new study. This is good since about 6% of two to five year olds have their own smart phones.

Not Worth $30 Bln: Felix Salmon “likes” the Groupon IPO a little more after seeing some roadshow documents.

150 Characters: Here’s Michelle Obama’s first tweet which calls on Americans to support military families.

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