Slideshow: UTIMCO in 17 Active Funds with IRRs > 25%

Judging by UTIMCO’s latest performance numbers, producing an internal rate of return above 25% is quite a feat. Of the 216 funds the University of Texas Management Co. lists as “active relationships,” just 17 (or 7.8%) can boast the distinction of such a large IRR.

Some quick observations about the before we get to the list.

  • PE has outperformed VC by a long shot. Thirteen of the 17 funds with IRRs above 25% are private equity funds.
  • Energy has been especially good for UTIMCO. Six of the 13 PE funds with IRRs above 25% are focused on energy investments.
  • Distressed debt funds accounted for three of the 13 top-performing PE funds.
  • Mid-market and small buyouts each had two funds in the top 13.
  • Early stage tech VC has paid off in a big way for UTIMCO, accounting for three of the four VC funds that made it into the top 17. (See my prior post on UTIMCO’s success with early stage tech VC here.)

Other than where noted, all data are provided by UTIMCO and are current as of May 31, 2011. Without further ado, here are the 17 active funds in the UTIMCO portfolio that have produced IRRs above 25 percent.

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