peHUB Second Opinion 11.15

Why you  may not want to check Facebook at work today.

Fred Wilson to students: don’t overdose on school if you want to be an entrepreneur; learn to code instead.

Our work is done here: Bain Capital is cashing out its entire stake in LinkedIn.

The slow process of returning money to MF Global customers begins.

Newt Gingrich looking at people condescendingly.

Gawker greatly regrets the making of this promotional video for Sapient (as do we).

Steve Ballmer says it will be a cold day in hell before Microsoft breaks itself up into separate companies. Or something like that.

Jack Welch: Harvard schmarvard; enroll in my $30,000 executive online program for a “recognized brand MBA.”

As a result of their breakup, Mike Bennett and Jen Grunwald hereby agree to end all online contact immediately.

From the seriously-what-is- wrong-with-you-people files: The Citadel faces an abuse scandal similar to Penn State’s.

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