peHUB Second Opinion 11.23

Financial Crisis After Shocks : Gates-backed fund, which has committed to spend $22 bln, has cancelled its next round of grants.

Black Friday Specials: Apple to give discounts on iPad, iPod, MacBook etc.

Hacker Gate: James Murdoch steps down as director of News Corp.’s British newspapers.

He’s Considering! Aaron Sorkin weighs writing the movie about Steve Jobs.

Pocket Love: Lenovo is working on a 5-inch Android tablet.

Lie Detector: An MIT graduate student is developing a way to check for lying in political writing.

No 3D TV: Slates gives us their list of deals to avoid this Black Friday.

Greenhouse Effect: Loss of ice in the arctic is unprecedented in the last 1,450 years, study says.

Alice in Wonderland: YouTube snags hundreds of Walt Disney movie rentals.

Lame or Genius: Gilt Groupe launches Blackbook 365, an online dating site for perfectionist singles.

Succession: Julian Robertson will take over as chairman of Forstman Little & Co.

So Not Cool: Tatyana Limanova, a Russian newsreader, apparently “flipped the bird” at President Obama during a broadcast but claims it wasn’t for him.

Before Sunrise: Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy to star in third installment, which may be set in NYC.

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