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Not Your Mamma’s Harvard: Peter Boyce builds an engine of innovation.

Warning: S&P puts 15 Euro-zone nations, including Spain and Italy, on negative watch.

Can’t We Just Get Along: RIM fires two execs after they disturbed a flight.

Deal: Orix is in talks to buy Yayoi Co. for $800 mln.

Fat Finger Issues: The Kindle Fire offers a poor user experience, according to Alertbox.

Moisturizer: The 10 most toxic cosmetics.

Hot Mercurians: The University of Puerto Rico’s Planet Habitability Lab has come up with an online periodic table for extrasolar planets.

R.I.P.: Patricia Dunn, former HP chairman, has passed away.

Sean Parker and the Bronx Zoo Cobra: What big names launched twitter accounts in 2011?

Too Much Change: U.S. Postal Service wants to end next day mail and seeks approval to close more than half of 461 processing centers.

The Eternal Optimists: No VC problem that can’t be solved

Indian Indifference: Private Equity not in Good Shape

Private Equity’s New Prey: Renewable energy is flavour of the moment

Angels Step Up: The rise and rise of the angel investor

Hot Destinations: Blackstone Asia head sees potential in China and SE Asia

Sailing the Venture Sea: Equaship fills out start-up funding round to reach $1.5m

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