peHUB First Read

Out of Bankruptcy: Friendly’s to stay with Sun Capital once it’s out of Chapter 11.

Party On Marc: Sun Capital’s Leder expected to ring in the New Year in typical outrageous fashion.

The Runup: Romney gets a 45% edge over Prez Obama in telephone poll.

One Great Step: China wants to put an astronaut on the moon likely after 2020.

Can’t Take a Hint: Ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd made romantic overtures to an independent contractor over several years. And here’s the sexual harrasment letter that got Hurd fired.

Righting Itself: Samoa is skipping Friday, Dec. 30. That’s right. The country’s just cancelled the day.

Rumors: Now Apple won’t be releasing the iPad 3 at MacWorld or CES.

Facebook IPO: Goldman, Morgan Stanley considered top contenders to handle the FB IPO.

Tests Positive for Holy Water: What will happen to Tim Tebow in 2012? ESPN readers weigh in.

This will be the last First Read of 2011. Here’s wishing everyone good deals and happy tweets in the New Year!