peHUB Second Opinion 1.23

Stop the Confusion: The difference between private equity and venture capital.

Finally: Google+ to allow pseudonyms and nicknames.

Year of The Dragon: Warren Buffett plays a ukelele to celebrate.

Not a Good Thing: Macy’s sues Martha Stewart.

In the Digital Age: SCT rules that police must get a warrant if they attach a GPS tracker to a suspect’s vehicle.

No Bias: LCD looks at the default rate of PE-backed issuers vs. non-sponsors.

He Stole My Weed: Marc Cenedella’s proposed Senate run may be no more after this NY Times story.

New Frontiers: Starbucks will begin selling alcohol.

Shakeup: RIM’s co-CEO’s step down. And, 10 reasons why RIM won’t die.

Up for Sale: Reed Elsevier has reportedly put Lexis Nexis on the block.

By 2109: The word “sustainable” is unsustainable.

Dependent on the U.S. Gov’t: Private equity doesn’t destroy jobs but games U.S. tax rules for profit, according to the New Yorker.

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