peHUB Second Opinion 1.27

Apple Cares, Really: Tim Cook responds to claims of factory worker mistreatment.

A Tribute: Here’s every Dr. Who story since 1963 in a 9 minute video and the Daleks haven’t changed at all.

Celebration: Happy national Chocolate Cake Day! And here’s 10 recipes.

Updated Policies: Twitter will censor tweets deemed illegal or harmful in other countries.

We’ve done Trailmix for the Cloud: Sh*t startup people say.

Still Impartial? Page rage escalates as Google cancels Twitter Android meeting.

Who Wins: Peter Thiel and Accel among investors to make fortunes off the Facebook IPO. And, can regular investors get a piece of Facebook?

A Matter of [REALLY BAD] Taste: Contestants on “Fear Factor” this Monday drink donkey semen.

Say It Ain’t So: Is it time to say goodbye to Siri? Vote here.

Contrarian view: Traditional Hollywood is dead. New Hollywood takes over.

Epicurean Dealmaker: John Carney gives us the best alternative financial blogs.