peHUB Second Opinion 1.30

Join the Flock: Here’s the Twitter recruiting video that’s so bad it’s amazing.

What about the Hairband? How much it costs to send a celebrity down the red carpet.

The Core: The Deal talks to Steve Case and Scott Case about the Startup America Partnership.

No BS: How Dick Costolo kicked investors off of Twitters board and regained control.

A Little Clarity: If carried interest irks you, you don’t get it.

Rumors: Does Twitter really want to buy Tumbler? Or not…

Raiders or ET: What’s the best Steven Spielberg movie of all time?

vismodegib: FDA approves a drug to treat advanced cases of basal cell skin cancer.

Looking Up Reviews: How Americans used their phones to help with buying during the holidays.

Bad Form: Jackie Ramos vs. Bank of America part 2.

Warning: Here’s the video, “Sh*t Programmers Say.”

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