peHUB Second Opinion 2.15

They were so wrong! Here’s the iPhone Death watch, with some hilarious comments from RIM execs.

Jeremy Lin is a one-man, global stimulus package.

Apple finally admits that dozens of IOS apps have been accessing user data without permission. Oh, and Twitter keeps your contacts, too.

We’re glad that’s settled. Canada is now allowing Nik Wallenda to cross Niagra Falls on a tightrope.

Working at an investment banks means you will likely become a major jerk and suffer from alcoholism, insomnia or an eating disorder.

“This b*tch had it all,” says a judge at a very pressurized event recently. What are we talking about?

Founders make more money than everyone? So not true. They actually make less than similarly qualified execs. And here’s some other myths about startup pay.

The world is changing. GM has eliminated pensions for salaried workers who won’t get a raise but a bonus this year. Oh, and an extra week of vacation.

Cisco isn’t giving up. CSCO is challenging Europe’s approval of Microsoft’s buy of Skype.

Video Warning: Mitt Romney goes “Rombo” on Rick Santorum. And, Obama’s approval rating jumps back to 50%.

Harvard is offering a $100k prize to students that can come up with entrepreneurial solutions for problems like global warning and poverty.

Happy National Gum Drop Day!