peHUB Second Opinion 2.21

Megaupload millionaire Kim Dotcom may have been arrested last month with a loaded shotgun, two dozen credit cards and three passports under different names, one of which was tucked into a black bag next to his bed when he was nabbed. But he’s no flight risk, says the superoptimistic judge who just granted him bail.

Banking analyst Meredith Whitney, whose bearish financial sector reports catapulted her to fame several years ago, has signed on to author a book. Tentatively titled “Downgraded: Why the Next Economic Crisis Will Be Local,” it’s slated to hit bookshelves in November, just in time for the holidays.

Another day, another Google-targeted lawsuit. This time, Google is being sued for violating the privacy of Safari Web browser users by bypassing computer settings that are designed to block the monitoring of consumers’ online activity.

One buyout firm gets burned by the burger business.

Pinevitable? Ann Romney joins Pinterest.

Might KKR take a swing at the Dodgers? Forbes thinks so.

Should Gilt spin off its growth businesses? Our pal Erin Griffith argues yes.

Can you predict a student’s SAT score by looking at his or her parents’ tax returns? Speechwriter-turned-author Daniel Pink is so confident you can that he’s published a chart.

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