peHUB Second Opinion 2.29

The Leap Day Lamb

PE firms are apparently slowing down the hiring of new MBA candidates.

Mike Arrington provides helpful tips to TechCrunch’s editor on how to keep his job.

Can you hear the tiny violins? Wall Streeters suffer after bonuses are cut.

Daniel Mudd gets another big payout, we’re talking $16 million, after leaving Fortress Investments last month.

Blizzard Entertainment, maker of ¬†online game “World of Warcraft,” to cut about 600 jobs.

So what do you think of FB’s premium? Marketer’s dream or user’s ¬†nightmare?

The most shocking story today is…Nordstrom starts selling used shoes, via its Rack stores.

Do you need an MBA and CFA to be a good investor? And other interview flubs from Dealbreaker.

Reed Hastings thinks Netflix will one day be part of your cable bundle.

Daydream Believer is gone. Davy Jones, a one-time member of the Monkees, has died. And in other horror stories, Bristol Palin is getting a reality show.