peHUB Second Opinion 3.13

It’s official. Eating red meat will kill you.

We miss Lucas. Goldman Sachs hires Richard Siewart, aka Jake, as its new spokesman. He’s the former counselor to┬áTreasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

The best place to get tips on a deal? Try Alcoholics Anonymous.

Benihana goes up for sale, again. Jefferies advising.

The Carlyle Group took on debt ┬áso that the firm’s owners could get a $398.5 million tax-deferred dividend.

Sour grapes. This man sues Apple for false advertising because Siri “doesn’t perform as advertised.”

Term Sheet calls Breaking Views column on Silicon Valley’s elite “well-intentioned lunacy.

Zynga is planning a secondary offering to allow people to sell stock while getting large shareholders to agree to a longer lock-up.

Turntable.FM signs licensing deal with all four major labels.

The world is ending. Chicago is expected to hit 78 degrees tomorrow. In March.

Guess who’s going to the White House dinner? Uggie the dog.