peHUB Second Opinion 3.14

In honor of Greg Smith, here’s the Goldman Sachs Muppet manifesto, or the best resignations ever. My vote goes to Carol Bartz rant against Yahoo.

Here’s Darth Vader’s resignation letter from the Empire. And, the best “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs” parodies.

The new iPad goes on sale on Friday. And, don’t use the iPad in bed.

Blackstone has gotten about $600 mln in payouts from SeaWorld in the past year.

Seriously, James Whittaker tells why he left Google.

Kevin Rose’s Milk sends Oink to the barnyard.

Yammer CEO won’t hire anyone from Yahoo unless they quit in the next 60 days.

Mad about the IPO? Mark Pincus got threats in 2011 that caused Zynga to spend $1 mln on security.

Andrew Chen tells how he was “horribly wrong” about Facebook’s prospects.

Not an urban legend. New York man finds 2.5 foot California Kingsnake in his toilet bowl.