peHUB Second Opinion 3.22

Facebook is changing its privacy policies tomorrow. Time to freak out.

You have to be kidding. Some are wondering whether Pinterest isĀ  the next Facebook.

TweetDeck comes out with a new version but it still won’t work on my new laptop.

RIP: Murray Lender, who gave us Lender’s bagels, and Samuel Glazer, one of the co-inventors of Mr. Coffee, have died. Nice job, guys.

Lost that cell phone? Lookout estimates that American lose $30 billion on Smartphones a year.

Facebook buys 750 patents from IBM to boost its defenses.

Just say No! If an employer asks for your Facebook username/password don’t give it to them. And don’t friend the HR exec, of course.

David Chappelle is tweeting now but he’s not funny yet.

Rovio released Angry Birds Space and it’s supposedly a stellar game.

Goldman is going through internal emails looking for terms like “muppet” or other derogatory terms.

Why Twitter will get more annoying, according to Felix Salmon.