peHUB Second Opinion 3.30

Deal: Netlfix has bought

No Deal: KKR, Permira and Warburg Pincus held talks to buy Liz Claiborne at $20 a share. But Liz said no.

There’s been a major data breach at payment processing firms and some say it was Global Payments. Also, Mastercard, Visa warn of a processor breach.

Make it work! Tim Gunn of Project Runway joins Twitter.

A teacher’s aide in Michigan was fired after refusing to give her Facebook password to her supervisor.

Here’s a quick guide to the Asian startup scene, including cultural issues.

The top 75 albums (do people still sell these things?) every man should own.

Consumer privacy may become the casualty of Google’s and Facebook’s success.

This is wrong. A U.S. District Court throws out a lawsuit from unpaid AOL bloggers seeking $105 mln for their work at Huffington Post.

We were expecting this. Yahoo layoffs are expected to begin next week and then there’s a restructuring.