peHUB Second Opinion 3.7

Here she is, the new iPad (sung to the tune of  “Miss America”). And, Siri sort of comes to the new iPad.

Revealed. The name of the Morgan Stanley broker who was reportedly trying to expand an UES brothel is….

Sean Black tells how to compensate a VP of sales at a tech startup.

Jason Calacanis’ Launch has $1 mln to give to startups.

Anonymous claims to have shut down the Catholic Church’s web site,

It’s 2012 and a huge solar flare could interfere with satellites in orbit and the power grid.

Brazil ousts the U.K. as the world’s sixth biggest economy.

Institutional Venture Partners, a Zynga investor, plans to raise $750 mln to $1 bln for its newest fund.

Drink a lot and other tips to help you get VIP treatment at any restaurant.

We’ll miss you Sue! WNBC ousts Sue Simmons but keeps her co-anchor Chuck Scarborough.

This blog made $1 bln of TSA nude body scanners worthless.

A kit surfer stranded in the red sea fends off sharks with a knife.