peHUB Second Opinion 3.9

Still losing money? Twitter’s secret history asĀ the world’s worst tech or media business, according to Gawker.

Revealed! It’s Credit Suisse that bought Google’s stake in Clearwire

Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder, buys a majority stake in The New Republic.

Because it’s Friday. Here are penguins taking a stroll on a Delta flight.

Bankers behaving badly. This Morgan Stanley banker pleads not guilty to a hate crime after attacking a cab driver.

Apple’s 4G iPad costs $310 to make.

Auction. TPG has put Iasis Healthcare up for sale. BofA advising.

Here’s the video on Joseph Kony that’s taking over You Tube. See it.

A Dallas man gets about 1,000 calls after Justin Bieber tweeted out a phone number and then deleted it.