TestFlight Live is Born Via Start-Up Merger

Burstly has acquired TestFlight and the start-ups are joining forces to launch TestFlight Live. TestFlight Live is a real-time dashboard that highlights actions and revenue for iOS apps. Burstly’s backers include SoftBank Capital, Founder Collective, Rincon Venture Partners and GRP Partners.


We are excited to announce that Burstly has acquired TestFlight, and we are jointly launching TestFlight Live today. TestFlight Live is a real-time dashboard that highlights actions and revenue for iOS apps. The TestFlight Live feature set is broken down into four segments: engagement, audience, revenue, and stability. The goal of the product is to provide a real-time display of the important factors happening in your app right now. It is available via Safari on desktop, iPad, and iPhone. The TestFlight crew does a thorough job on their blog to explain the new product, along with the synergies between the companies.

As our clients can attest, Burstly is more than just mobile advertising. Empowering developers with a toolset that fits their business needs is consistently our core focus. Our first Burstly shirt made that clear when we quoted Steve Jobs proclamation that ‘mobile ads suck.’

We agree and our goal is to create tools that try to make them better by enabling apps to use their ad space for a lot more than just banner ads. We encourage all of the apps using Burstly to run cross-promos and relevant content (game tips, announcements, etc) to keep this space engaging. This mindset explains why we are so excited to join forces with the TestFlight crew. For those of you that aren’t familiar with TestFlight they help iOS app developers during the beta testing period of their app’s lifecycle. They do an amazing job of it across the entire spectrum of apps. Companies like Disney, Discovery, Nimblebit, Tumblr and Halfbrick all use the service.

We have known the TestFlight team for almost three years. They were one of the very first developers to integrate the Burstly SDK. In fact, our original launch video highlights our relationship with someone named Ben; the same Ben who is TestFlight’s co-founder (skip to 1:00).

Following the acquisition we wanted to make it clear that both products will remain independent and that we are investing heavily in both. Each company will continue to have separate tech teams and business leaders who collaborate where it makes sense. We have been doing this for nearly three years. Even though this is news to the rest of the community, it is actually business as usual for us. We believe this will be apparent in both team’s upcoming product releases starting with TestFlight Live.

The TestFlight and Burstly teams will continue to work tirelessly to empower developers with the tools they need to build better apps and monetize effectively. We know that this sounds great in theory but we are excited to let the products speak for themselves. Please take the time to check out TestFlight Live as we continue to evolve and improve our products.

Both teams are hiring. If you love to create products that solve problems in all areas of the mobile app lifecycle please visit TestFlight or Burstly.

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