Are You as Bullish About Venture Capital as the VCs in Silicon Valley? Take Our Poll!

Silicon Valley venture capitalists are feeling more confident about their industry, according to the latest Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index.

That’s all well and good, but we’re wondering if the rest of the country is as bullish as Silicon Valley. How about the folks in Peoria, for instance?

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The Q1 score was 3.79, the highest it has been in the past four quarters, says the author of the index, Mark Cannice of the University of San Francisco.

Cannice writes in his latest report:

“This increase in confidence countered the downward trend over the last three quarters of 2011. The venture capitalists that responded to the Q1 survey pointed to a more welcoming public financial market that is providing more liquidity opportunities for their portfolio firms, along with technology convergence in mobility, cloud, and social platforms which is fostering the development of a wide range of entrepreneurial endeavors. While concern remains over the fragility of the macro economy and the impact of regulatory hurdles, confidence in the determination and creativity of entrepreneurs at building innovative enterprises upon rising technology platforms supported a broad increase in positive sentiment.”

Image credit: Photo of bull rider courtesy of ShutterStock