PartnerConnect 2012: A Weighty First Day In Photos: Slideshow

This week’s PartnerConnect 2012 gathering in New York was lights, action…and of course substance.

More than 800 private equity and venture capital GPs and LPs came together at the Park Avenue Armory to share observations about their industries. Several events and topics rose to the top.

Private-equity legend Henry Kravis, founder of KKR, addressed a standing room only audience on day one. PE execs pondered whether their carried interest will be subject to changing tax rules and if the Supreme Court challenge to Obama’s health care law could open new investment opportunities.

And there was the inevitable debate about whether the PE asset class could repair an image assailed by both sides of the Capitol Hill aisle.

For VCs, the tone was more upbeat. With the IPO bill poised to become law, the big question was whether the improving climate for IPOs and the economic bull market will last—and what hurdles could emerge.

What follows is a selection of photos from the first day of the event.

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